By: Karen Røise Kielland/ By and with: Kim Atle Hanssen, Julie Solberg, Cecilie Solberg Knudsrød, Dagfinn Tutteren/ Narrator: Kim Haugen/ Opera singer: Svein Erik Sagbråten/ Child: Otto Skjulstad/ Dramaturgy: Marit Grimstad Eggen/ Light: Ingeborg S. Olerud/ Costumes: Jennie Hagevik Bringaker/ Sound: Jessica Sligter/ Production: Jorunn Kjersem Hildre/ Technic: Kristjan Belgau

The performance is funded by the Norwegian Arts Council and Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere, and made in collaboration with Dramatikkens hus and Nationaltheatret.  



- a sitespecific performance at Gamlebyen graveyard in Oslo.

Biologist Jens Haga leads you through the graveyard. He’s visible, hidden, omnipresent; just like the flora and fauna. From within your headphones, his voice speaks of the mystery of life - how it appeared, and how hard it is to tell what’s alive and what’s dead in a cemetery. In between the graves giant insects and mammals emerge in a silent movie of elusive tableaux. The cemetery workers are digging and watering, digging and watering. Are they simply weary from work? Or are they mourning?

Death is barely visible. Through life, SWALLOW, SMOKE AND WEEPING WILLOW attempts to get closer to death. Can we ever truly comprehend that we’re going to die? Can we accept that we’re all going up in smoke? 

Premiered on June 12th, 2014 at Gamlebyen graveyard, Oslo. 

By: Anne Rooschüz and Karen Røise Kielland / Performers: Zlatko Djulkic, Jens Haga, Kim Atle Hanssen, Anders Rummelhoff, Julie Solberg/ Dramaturg: Christina Hauge / Composer: Jessica Sligter / Technician: Kristjan Belgau / Set design: Lena Müller and Jennie Hagevik Bringaker / Production: Jorunn Kjersem Hildre and Marit Grimstad Eggen / Co-production: Gravferdsetaten i Oslo, Dramatikkens hus og Galleri NoPlace.


The production is supported by Norsk Kulturråd, Oslo Kommune and Dramatikkens hus. 

SOUND OF A BRICK – a soundwalk with architecture as a score

You can still walk individually by picking up an audio player and headphones at Visitor center De Dageraad in Amsterdam or by downloading the necessary files at http://soundtrackcity.nl. Note that all text heard in the soundwalk is in Dutch.

Theatre maker Anne Rooschüz and sound artist Robert van Heumen take you on a journey along buildings of the Amsterdam School. Children's voices in your headphones playfully make you aware of all kinds of special aspects in the architecture: weird protuberances, useless curves, blind walls, secret vistas. Sound of Brick is a musical interpretation of the architecture, coupled to a game of neighborhood voices and street sounds.

Many thanks to: Bab Barens, Andreas Bachmair, Beatrijs Bergmans, Laura Bertacchini, Paul van den Boogaard, Nel Buter, Michael Daane Bolier, Christina Hauge, Esmée Laclé, Vivian Lampe, Yvonne Lafleur, Lies Leen, Alphonsine Raedecker, Jan Roest, Karen Røise Kielland, Julia Rogaar, Eva Schneider, Jasper van Buren, Henny Wiese, Sara Luna Zoric.



A SLOW ESCAPE is a scenic travel journal, both hyper theatrical and documentary, deriving from two walks – Catherine H. Kølle's journey in 1841 and Karen Røise Kielland's tracking of her in 2011. The performance is a confrontation with expectation as a driving force; friend and sometimes foe. Drawings, objects and sounds bring the room into motion, while the performer stands still on stage.

With and by Karen Røise Kielland in collaboration with Tom Mason. 

Dramaturgy: Marit Grimstad Egggen / Advice: Christina Hauge / Lighting design: Ingeborg Staxrud Olerud / Set design and costume cosultant: Jennie Bringsaker / Soundediting consultant: Erlend Hogstad / Technician: Kristjan Belgau / General Manager: Produsentbyrået, Jorunn Kjersem Hildre.

The performance is funded by the Norwegian Arts Council and developed in collaboration with Dramatikkens Hus. Co-production: Black Box Theatre.

A WALK – a performative talk

Dead ends, detours, and asphalt.

A talk based on a compilation of videos meant as photographs. They were shot in the summer of 2011 during Karen Røise Kielland walk from Norway to Venice, Italy. It took her four months. She followed in the footsteps of the Norwegian painter Cathrine Hermine Kølle who walked the same distance in 1841– alone, with a bag and a gun as protection against wild dogs. Røise Kielland had a tent, a voice recorder and notebooks. Kølle wrote a diary and painted watercolors. For some, Kølle was the first female Norwegian artist, for others, only a skilled dilettante. 

Kunstnernes Hus W17, Oslo, May 2012 on invitation by FRANK. 


In The Nature of Hunting a formal lecture meets the wild unpredictability of movements. The one hour long lecture performance on the border between dance, theatre and performance, will give the audience a different look upon the joy of hunting. With loose associations and the well-aimed movements of a hunter, the artists ask whether it is perhaps a human necessity to kill once a while. Are we wilder than we think? Or is human brutality only more visible in a civilized world?

Karen Røise Kielland in collaboration with Anne Rooschüz and Christina Hauge / Director: Christina Hauge / Performers: Karen Røise Kielland and Anne Rooschüz / Biologist: Eli K. Rueness / Set design: Linda Eijssen / Light: Minna Tiikkainen  / Sound: Natalie Bruys / Graphic design: Kaisa Lassinaro

The performance is funded by the Norwegian Arts Council.


A work-in-progres shown in hetveem theatre, Amsterdam, December 2011


A solo by Anne Rooschüz, developed within the framework of her master studies at the University of Hamburg. Shown in Kampnagel, Hamburg, spring 2011. Concept / performer: Anne Rooschüz. Advice: Tim Etchells and Bojana Kunst

A WALK                                                                                                                        

Concept / performer: Karen Røise Kielland / On stage art work: Tom Mason. 

UNIVERSAL COMEDY – work-in-progress

A research into the motions of celestial bodies and universal attraction.

What’s it like to exert the strongest gravitational pull in a system? Or to watch celestial bodies fall into your orbit? Can we get closer to the solar system by following its movements? Do the laws of attraction that govern in space, govern a theatre space as well? Would the appearance of a white dwarf or a red giant change the gravitational pull within the space? And would they fit? 


·      Space

·      Eight runners

·      A smoke machine

·      Some chairs

·      Reflex vests

·      A fan

·      A dwarf?

·      Cardboard

By Karen Røise Kielland / The planets: Hedwig Koers, Janice Slot, Inez Almeida, Ibelisse Guardia, Thijs Bloothoofd, Mariangela Tinelli, Marie Groothof, Pamela Menzo, Marjolein Roeleveld / Red giant and Russian reporter: Ieva Miseviciute / American reporter: Michael Portnoy / Thanks to: Tania Theodorou and Anne Rooschüz.


A sunset with a lamp and a piece of cardboard shown at de Appel Arts Centre Amsterdam as part of Alligators! November 13 and 14 2010, curated by Michael Portnoy and Ieva Misevičiūtė. 

Concept: Karen Røise Kielland / Performers: Karen Røise Kielland and Kenneth Homstad

SO LONG SNOW – Snøen som falt

A melodramatic science fiction performance

SO LONG SNOW takes place in a future, where ice and snow no longer exist. This absence is palpable. The weather has lost its biting chill and no longer offers humanity its cold comfort. The splendor of a snow-white landscape that could soothe human sorrow, the ice singing beneath one’s gliding blades on a long skate trip, and the joy of children playing in the snow: all these live on in the memory of just a small group of people.These people cannot bring winter back, but they want to forget nothing. Can we prevent the our memories from melting away? How can we say goodbye?

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain (Blade Runner)

Director: Karen Røise Kielland / Dramaturgy: Christina Hauge / Performers: Kenneth Homstad and Anne van Dorp / Meteorologist: Harrry Otten, Kristen Gislefoss / Set design: Roel Huisman / Light: Vinny Jones / Sound: Natalie Bruys / Costumes: Janneke Raaphorst. 

The performance is funded by the Norwegian Arts Council, Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunsten, SNS Realfonds, Norma Fonds, Nederlands Fonds voor Podiumskunsten, Teater Innlandet and Hetveem Theatre. 


Her voice sounds comforting through your headsets. Biologist Annie Zuiderwijk of the University of Amsterdam conducts you across the Noorderbegraafplaats. The guided tour starts off as a scientific excursion. Yet it slowly transforms into a romantic rendez-vous with the life of the graveyard: lush with greenery, melodic birds and bizarre insects. Quietly in the background, the gravediggers are ever present. But is their’s the only presence?

Directed by Blood for Roses / Dramaturgy: Nicola Unger / Performers: Annie Zuiderwijk, Willemijn Zevenhuizen, Marc Stoffels, Marcel Kap, Michael van Vliet / Sound: Nathalie Bruys / Technician + Assistant producer: Jeroen Duijvendak / Producer: Emilio vand der Cammen / Over het Ij Festival / Thank you: Karell de Beurs, Rob Blöte, Berend Seinen, Willem Hogenes, J.E.C.M. Degenkamp, Martin Melchers, Melanie Bonajo, Jasper van Buren, Tania Theodorou.


It's evening. It's dead quiet at the petrol station. Suddenly people approach, coming from all sides. Cars, car freaks and passers-by. Brutal carchoreografies tear through the silence. Images of people and cars appear on the wall of the petrol station. Of people with their cars. The open space fills with fragments of conversation. A sitespecific performance on a petrolstation about the freedom in limits.  

NO: Concept and direction: Anne Rooschüz and Karen Røise Kielland / Performers: Siri Forberg, Erlend Hammer Hanssen, Marius Lien / Production: Sogn og Fjordane Teater NL: Concept and direction: Anne Rooschüz and Karen Røise Kielland / Performers: Chris Perryman, Rienus Krul, Jasper Spaan, Kees Reyne and Elise Griede / Technical assistant: Erik Groen/ Photography: Melanie Bonajo / Coach: Liesbeth Gritter / Production: Huis a/d Werf, Mattijn Boerkamp / Thanks to: Rob Semper, Esso Cartesiusweg, SNS Reallfonds, VSB Fonds, KF Hein Fonds